Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It's all about diversity. For people who want classic superhero Wolverine, there's New Avengers. For the scruffy mutant, there's Uncanny X-Men (more on that later). For the "shady past" guy, there's Wolverine: Origins. So what to do with Wolverine? Put him out of costume.

I mean, here we already have the ultimate loner, almost a Charles Bukowski kind of character. He lost more friends and lovers than others ever have in their whole life. Add a few Femmes Fatales (Madame Hydra? Yukio?), a damsel in distress or two (Amiko?) and more bad guys than you can shake your claws at, and you’ve got the perfect Noir book set in a superhero world. That being said, I’d like to have Ed Brubaker as the writer. With Scene of a Crime, Sleeper and Criminal under his belt, I can’t think of a writer better suited for this direction. And he just ended his run on Uncanny X-Men, so there should be a free slot in his schedule.

As for the art, Ed has already proven that he has a great chemistry with Mike Perkins, so I would like to have him as the artist unless he can’t leave Captain America, I guess that's up to the Editor-in-Chief. For the first three or four months, I’d keep the stories short, preferrably done-in-one like Paul Dini’s Detective Comics. After a few jumping-on points in a row so readers don’t have to be there from day one to enjoy the book, there’d be a larger storyline that sends Logan around the world (Japan, Madripoor, Genosha…).

Dave Johnson is my first choice for the cover art.

As for promotion, both the character and the writer come with an inbuilt fanbase. Could we have inhouse ads for this on other books (X-Factor, Criminal, New Avengers) so readers will find out about the new approach? Oh, and a Newsarama interview would be nice once the creative team is signed.

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