Sunday, May 20, 2007


I'm pissed. As in "angry", not as in "drunk".
What's the matter with inventing replies like "Paul Jenkins was really receptive of the idea"? That's cheating. And not in a ha-ha-funny way. While you're at it, why don't you write that you spoke to Stephen King and he found a gap in his schedule so he can actually write Spider-Man after all? Oh, hey, Alan Moore called. He wants to write Balance of Power! And Jack Kirby, who I just found out returned from the dead has agreed to offer the artwork. For free!

Not. Cool. And I can't imagine that Sean approved this.

Couldn't you come up with possible replacements or what led to this? Be prepared to have Tom rip you a new one tomorrow.

The least you could have done is you could have told us of this idea.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Just a reminder to folks to post on Tom's blog before 8 p.m. tonight so he can tear us to pieces on Monday.

Sean/Michael/Philip, some of the things I'll be touching on in my post:

1) The Balance of Power: Frontline series - four issues, each issue focusing on a tale told from the point of view of one of the supporting characters from the series impacted - for example, Two-Gun Kid for She Hulk.

2) I've also got an inventory piece featuring Wolverine, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, the Thing, Captain America, Quasar, and Goliath. This piece is a "flashback" to simpler times, and I've got Joe Casey writing, coming off his flashback tales of Avengers and Iron Man. The art on the piece is going to be handled by Tom Scioli, Casey's Kirby-esque partner on Godland. This piece will be ready to go pretty soon, and can be dropped into wherever Sean sees fit should we run into a scheduling problem.

3) Sean, can you tell me where things stand on Byrne? Kinda confused and suspicious about several things here, mostly prompted by the LITG comments. Is he salvagable for Marvel, or is he heading to Big Money? He indicated he's interested in returning to Spidey, and that the $$$ from Big Money isn't an automatic lock for him. I just want this one put to bed if we can.

4) I'm not all that revved up about the DC crossover potential, but Sean, obviously if you're looking to use Spidey in the mix, I'm game, provided it's the right creators and pitch.


This is pretty close to my previous post, with some alterations. I'm going to leave the call on marketing/in store posters and their descriptions to you, O Sean of Seans. And I'm sorry I have to duck out like this. If there's any major thing missing from this that Sean wanted done and should of fallen on me, I probably didn't miss it but just thought it was up to somebody else (which is a stupid thing to do); regardless do me a favor for the good of the team and drop it into your move later on (I'm talking mainly about Sean's big picture thoughts on Rise/Balance from his Week 2 gameplan post). I've also got some solits written up for the Rise of the Defenders issue but I'll hold them till tomorrow when Mike and I can put eyes on them/Uncanny together.

Apologize to Dan about the re-write; the EIC gave me the go-ahead to pay him for the new material (but I'll hang onto the softball stuff for possible use at a later date so it's not money burned). Ask Dan if he'd like to take off the Rise of the Defenders FF issues for breathing room; if so, offer them to Reggie. Inform Reggie that T'Challa is an integral part of Defenders/Balance, and that his input is equally integral. Ask Paul Ryan if he'd do a retro She-Hulk cover to fill-in for Amanda, and see if anybody else thinks they’ll need a fill-in or breather in the coming months.

Put together Defenders/Balance meeting (conference call depending on schedules) with Reggie, Dan, Dwayne, Robert and JMS (after we've put the ideas to the room and they’ve tossed them around, maybe he’ll take the job, but let him politely know we need an answer).

If Cheung jumps for BigMoney, I'm still inclined to move Deodato over from FF (replaced by Jimenez, Pelletier or McGuinness), so Balance is a natural extension of Rise of the Defenders, alternately ask Finch or Jimenez.

A few thoughts to bounce around with the writers (which, for the record, is all I ever intended to do with suggested story-points anyway):

1. Doom and Reed both observed seismic data indicating the massive tectonic shift was imminent--Reed misinterpreted it but Doom didn’t and planned accordingly.

2. She-Hulk officially joins the FF midway through Balance and its tie-ins, replacing Sue. Work closely with Dan and Dwayne to make sure that they have freedom to tell whatever Balance stories with whatever characters they want, as long as everything fits into the big picture.

3. Sue feels Reed is no longer the man she married, too emotionally distant and certain of his abilities, and that their undying love is not enough. She’s worried about Reed as a role model for the kids and their safety in perilous NYC, so she accepts Namor's invitation and re-locates with the kids to Atlantis. Namor’s recent conduct leads Sue to consider marrying him (though she doesn’t love him), believing her children will have a better life out of NYC, and that she can do the most good as a Defender.

3. Black Panther as Defenders’ voice of reason and source of credibility, but he’s busy battling the exposed-to-still-be-a-bad-guy Magneto later in the series, when things reach a crisis.

4. Final act: a Defenders aid patrol to Cuba enters American waters and is destroyed by an Initiative hero. Doom convinces Namor Reed’s to blame; Namor invades America to kill Reed, but he is stopped by Sue, who realizes that her love for Reed actually is all that matters. Namor, heartbroken, disappears into the rubble of Manhattan, and Doom and T'Challa move into a dual leadership position of the now not-quite-so beloved Defenders.

Balance of Power: Frontline

Ask Paul Jenkins to write another Frontline book, this time for BoPow? Pat, would you want to edit this one?

Tentative Schedule

The dates in the brackets are Tom's order estimations for the respective books. Red titles indicate a Rise of the Defenders tie-in.

August 07 (Friday, May 18):

SHE-HULK #18, August 8.

WOLVERINE #55, August 15. The Diggle/Sudzuka issue.

Note: Spectacular Spider-Man continues Sensational's numbering.

FANTASTIC FOUR #549 , August 22.

UNCANNY X-MEN #489, August 29.

September 07 (Monday, May 21)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #544 , September 5.

SHE-HULK #19, September 5.

WOLVERINE #56, September 12. Brubaker's first issue.


FANTASTIC FOUR #550, September 19.

UNCANNY X-MEN #490, September 26.

October 07 (Tuesday, May 22)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #545, October 3

SHE-HULK #20, October 3

WOLVERINE #57, October 10


FANTASTIC FOUR #551, October 17

UNCANNY X-MEN #491, October 24

NOTE: We have a fifth week in October. Patrick, do you want to slot in a second issue of Amazing Spider-Man this month? Philip, I don't think She-Hulk should ship twice in October. Or should we come up with a fifth week event? Could we come up with a fifth week event? Perhaps with a Halloween theme, since the books would ship on October 31?

November 07 (Wednesday, May 23)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #546, November 7

SHE-HULK #21, November 7

WOLVERINE #58, November 14. Most likely the Lapham/Gaydos issue. Which won't tie in with Rise of the Defenders.


FANTASTIC FOUR #552, November 21

UNCANNY X-MEN #492, November 28

December 07 (Thursday, May 24)

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #547, December 5

SHE-HULK #22, December 5

WOLVERINE #59, December 12. The start of Brubaker's first multi-parter.


FANTASTIC FOUR #553, December 19

UNCANNY X-MEN #493, December 27

January 08 (Friday, May 25)

The last day of our simulation, the start of the new year and the kickoff for Balance of Power.

BALANCE OF POWER #1, January 2

Note to Sean: We should really have tie-ins to this throughout Marvel's line of books this month and the next couple of months, especially in Black Panther, Iron Man, the Avengers books and adjectiveless X-Men. Other books can mention the events of BofPow in the background to show the strong continuity of Marvel's books.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #548 (Patrick, would you or your creative teams mind making this issue or this month's Spectacular Spidey issue a BofPow tie-in?), January 2

SHE-HULK #23, January 9 (Phil, I guess this ties in as well? And I bumped this back a week to spread the Balance of Power books better across this month's weeks)

WOLVERINE #60, January 9. Part two of Brubaker's around the world multi-parter. This might be Japan or Madripoor. While this won't be a real BofPow tie-in, the ramifications of the event will be felt in the background.


FANTASTIC FOUR #554, January 16

UNCANNY X-MEN #494, January 23

And another fifth week. Since Tom mentioned that this is the close of a fiscal quarter. Any late books must have shipped by now. And we can decide to schedule Balance of Power #2 and a couple of tie-ins (Amazing Spidey? She-Hulk?) for this week as well?

Anything I have missed?