Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Editor Simulation: The Confession

No, it's not another annoying tie-in, it's just a quick thank you from the bad guy over at Big Money.

I wanted to personally thank the three of you - Sean, Phil, and Mike - this was a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, as a somewhat jaded reader of comics for nearly four decades, this was the most fun I've had with comic books in quite some time.

Sure, it was all play, but it was incredibly interesting to watch things unfold.

Obviously, my situation was slightly different, having been canned halfway through. But as you know, I still trolled here, and continued to weigh in with what I hope were read as the fun posts they were intended to be.

Since Tom outed me, I think it's okay to confess to penning the Big Money moves that took place over on Tom's blog. And I won't deny it - those were a lot of fun to do. They were absolutely meant to try to add some levity to the experience, and I apologize if their contents ended up distracting you from the work you were doing. They were meant to lob some grenades into the mix, but hopefully they didn't detract from your experience.

I told the interviewer for Comic Book Resources that I felt like I was playing the part of the Dark Avenger from Stan Lee's Who Wants to be a Super-Hero. I was thrust into the role of a spoiler that had to be factored into the remainder of the game. Villains have ALWAYS been my favorite characters, not just in the comics, but movies, TV, etc., so this was a role I relished.

As I wrote over on Tom's blog, I was surprised/disappointed to see how much of a role that the exclusive contracts played in the creator shuffles. That's why I included so much name-dropping in the Big Money memos. I can't say I agree with or like the impact exclusivity contracts have had on the industry, but they're not going away any time soon.

Sean, like I said at the time, you made the right move firing me, and it was proven as the simulation played out. As I also said at the time, not being someone too familiar with RPGs, I apologize if I bent the rules on some of the earlier posts.

And one more thing - Phil, you seriously cannot underestimate the value this blog had on the game. Being able to talk things through, and watching everything unfold on a daily basis, for me, made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Once again, thanks to the three of you for making the simulation so much fun, and you each did a great job in your respective areas working on your titles. Hopefully, our paths will cross somewhere else out there in cyberland. Okay, gotta run - Quesada's running behind on his Zomurai: Mother mini-series over at Big Money, and I've got to try to line up a replacement...