Monday, May 28, 2007

My Final Moves. Goodbye.

Okay, I posted them around 7:50, then they disappeared. I just reposted them, but I guess they will vanish as well. Sigh.

As a backup, I post the final draft here as well:

1.: I suggest a few books to Sean that Ramon Bachs can work on after Front Line. Among them a new Cloak and Dagger book (under the MAX label), a Hannibal King solo book, Hulk, an X-Book or a Frontline ongoing (if Paul Jenkins is interested in that).

2.: I talk to Christina Strain. Sean already gave his approval to an exclusive contract between Christina and Marvel Comics. Her coloring is a very important factor for Uncanny X-Men, and with Adrian already Marvel-exclusive, Christina should go exclusive as well. And with Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane ending, I offer her Balance of Power as well, arguably Marvel's biggest book right now and the perfect opportunity to showcase her talent.
Thanks to Tom Brevoort, Molly Lazer, Stephen Wacker, Ben Morse, Rich Johnston and whoever's been behind the scenes. It's been a blast.

Thanks to Marko Djurdjevic for letting me post his X-Men sketches. I think it really gave this simulation a touch of realism. And let's face it: They are awesome.

Thanks to Sean, Philip and Patrick. Working with you has been an honor.

Thanks to Vallen, Debbie, Fetsur, Huey and all the other readers who have posted their suggestions here and had my back when others started throwing dirt against me last Monday. You were great to have around.

Thanks to my girlfriend Nadine, who has given me strength those last two weeks, especially on Monday when I was already convinced that I'd get sacked.

And last but not least, thanks to my Mom and Dad for letting me use their computer when mine was not available and for letting me sleep on their couch. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to keep my deadlines. Without them, I wouldn't have been able to show you Marko's artwork.

I think there will most likely be an epilogue at Tom's blog (and perhaps somewhere else, we'll see). The Marvel Editorial Simulation blog however, I think that's it.


Replacing David Finch

Lay them on me, kids. I'm going to list a LOT of alternates, but I'd like the first four or so to be fast, fast workers. So far, Mark Bagley's the first choice. Charlie Adlard's going to be on the list somewhere; I don't think his style's right for the book, but I don't think it's totally wrong for it, either.