Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Last thing tonight

I need to go to bed, but before I do...

I just posted my notes to Tom's blog; it's your turn! Once we get rolling, I expect this'll be a smoother process. Lots to do these first days! :)

Phil -- I think Pat asked someone to post his notes on Tom's blog; can you do that, please?

My crossover idea -- It'll take too long to explain tonight. Let's focus on getting some creative teams and general tones/themes set and I'll get to my proposal later. I'll try to post something when I have a chance. (Tomorrow?)


Philip Schaeffer said...

Happy to post Pat's stuff.

I still don't know what I'm allowed to do with renaming She-Hulk. I don't just want to say Renaming the book... er Something!

Michael Heide said...

You have two days before you need a new title. Because your first two issues will still be under the name She-Hulk. The title change comes after your crossover.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Oh man, you're smart. Maybe I'm the one who's tired.

Patrick Cook said...
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Patrick Cook said...

Just checked in before heading out the door this a.m.

If someone could post my Spidey stuff once Sean's view from the top is in, that'd be much appreciated.

And Sean, to answer your question in the other thread, absolutely open to comic interviews, in fact I'm counting on it.

People need to know who we are, why we care, and why we should be entrusted with their beloved, albeit fictional, characters.

Outta here for now, see you this afternoon!

Sean Kleefeld said...

Really like the Cosmo Quiz idea. I like the direction SheHulk is going.

Keep in mind that if you want this to remain Jen's book, we should probably keep her name (or some variation of it) in the title. Not a direct suggestion, but I'll point to how Luke Cage, Hero for Hire went to Luke Cage, Power Man went to Power Man and Iron Fist. That's more along the lines I'm thinking.

The Knave said...

Absolutely, we'll keep Shulkie front and center.