Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quick thoughts...

Jumping between meetings at the moment but I want to drop some solid things to let you guys get rolling. Please excuse anything that might sound overly curt...

I want to group lines under one editor, so that they can ensure that A) the characters don't have complete transformations from one book to the next but also B) that the tone/theme of each book is unique. Amazing and Spectacular, for example, should NOT read like the same book

Mike -- I want to put you on X-Men and Wolverine. You seem to have the best handle on the X-line (not knowing Patrick's fortes) and these should at least retain their current numbers.

Phil -- I want you on She-Hulk and FF. She-Hulk especially needs to be handled carefully, so I want someone here who knows who/what/where she is.

Pat -- I want you on the two Spidey books. Mainly because I have an idea of where I wanted Mike and Phil already. :)

Quick clarification on my earlier note about creators, too. I'm not adverse to name creators, BTW. Just pointing out that there is other talent out there and could (potentially) help out on your budgets. If you have to pay a boatload to keep Stracynski on Amazing, for example, maybe you could offset that a bit by putting a Brock Rizy or a Les McClaine on art duties.

I'm not adverse to crossovers, I'll also note, but I haven't yet had a chance to read your Defenders thing, Phil.


Philip Schaeffer said...

Read the Defenders thing whenever you get a chance, Mr. EIC. It's just one of many big crossover ideas I have to try and get our books operating as one big unit.

Michael Heide said...

And here I was still in the pitch phase.

Uncanny and Wolverine? The two biggest-selling titles of the batch? The two titles with the biggest pressure? I'll see what I can do, but that Damocles sword is looming over my head.

By the way, I already posted a pitch for Uncanny X-Men in the comments for "should we pitch" part. Sean, what do you think of that direction? Robert Weinberg, Chris Batista, taking most of the mutants out of the picture?