Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Writer: McDuffie (alt. Slott, alt. Pak)
Pencils: Pelletier (an upcoming arc by Deodato Jr., alt. Epting, alt. Pelletier)
Covers: McGuinness (alt. Turner, alt. Land)

First 2 issues part of 4-part crossover with She-Hulk (6 part with sim Black Panther): The original Four, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Storm follow the trail of newly returned Doom on a chase through time, space and alternate dimensions to prevent him from creating what Reed assumes is a Doomsday Device, but is actually free life-saving tech for third world countries. T’Challa and Storm leave the FF on bad terms, frustrated by Reed’s almost compulsive distrust of Doom. She-Hulk leaves for L.A. (see below) with a desire to start fresh, and Johnny indicates he may follow her there later, since things have gotten grim on the East Coast.

Stage set for a darker 4-issue arc (love to have Deodato Jr. or Epting for pencils, but Pelletier can handle it): We’ll split our time between the FF having a difficult time making amends with one another, and Doom courting T’Challa, Magneto and Namor with this goal: to defeat the overzealous, registered American Initiative and make the entire world a paradise, calling themselves The Defenders and paving the way for… oops, don’t have approval from Sean to say that yet.

Marketing’s relatively straight forward for the crossover, usual channels, Newsarama interview, and FF will likely be boosted by marketing for…

Writer: Slott (alt. McDuffie, longshot Heinberg, longershot Simone)
Pencils: Amanda Conner (alt. Steven Cummings, alt. Land, alt. Burchett, longshot alt. Cho, longestshotofall alt. Byrne)

2-issue crossover with FF in which Jen, in addition to chasing Doom and fighting dinosaurs, really examines her life and realizes she’s out of control and needs the stability of a FF-style family atmosphere. So her book is re-titled something along the lines of:


(But not that specifically; it’s been vetoed by the EIC; we’ll have specifics tomorrow.)

I will assure She-Hulk fans this is still HER book, and with Slott staying on (hopefully), it’ll be a new chapter of the same story, not another Exiles Concept-Bastardization.

Who will compose this West Coast branch? Will it even be a branch? Will they be Fantastic, or number Four? Possible members include Sharon Ventura, Crystal, Nova (the chick who dated Silver Surfer) and Lyja. Eventually Johnny Storm moves to L.A. to join the new team and play the acting game.

The team will be women (JS excepted), and we’ll aggressively target female readers. The book will read like a comedic Grey’s Anatomy, except instead of practicing medicine, our gals lay the smackdown on folk like the Mole Man’s California cousins.

We’ll employ a more aggressive marketing campaign, including Newsarama interviews, die-cut She-Hulk bookmark CSN inserts, a fake ‘Cosmo Quiz,’ in which you take a personality test to determine which team you belong on, the overall benefit hopefully being an increased awareness and prominence of the FF in the Marvel Universe.

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