Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Post Preview

Okay, heading into the homestretch here on the East Coast, so here's a look at what my 500- is going to look like for Wednesday.

I leave it here and abide by whatever folks choose to do in terms of posting.

Just know that I won't have computer access until after 3 p.m. on Wednesday, so won't be able to post from my computer until then.

If anyone wants to post the words below as mine, fire away. If not, I'll do so after 3 p.m. Wed. Caio!

Lo, There Shall Come New Spider-Creators!
With all due respect to the current teams on the Spider-books, I'm bringing in some new and old blood to stir up the Spiderverse for the next year.
Webhead is coming off record-setting box office weekends. I've been trolling message boards to see responses from folks who opine on the internet. It’s not everyone, but it is a vocal bunch not to be discounted.I'm hearing how fans don't like when the foundations of a character are meddled with. (Flint Marko plugging Ben Parker? Ouch!)So at the risk of an internet tar and feathering, how about a -shudder- back to basics approach with Spidey?Here we go: Let’s make Amazing Spider-Man Amazing again. Fans want to see John Romita Jr. back on Webhead, so let's give the people what they want. And how's this for a twofer? I'm asking his big daddy to supply variant covers for one year!So who would pen the tale to complement this titanic two? You sitting?Stephen King.You read that right. I'm making a pitch to the Maine Man to carry over the humongous success of his Dark Tower series and apply it to Mainstream Marvel. We know King has helped bring tons of new readers into the local comic stores in search of Dark Tower. I'm asking the Master of the Macabre for a one-year commitment to Marvel's flagship character. Everyone's got a Spider-Man story they're just waiting to tell. Let's hear SK's version!The cross pollination from King bringing new readers into our Marvel Universe is limitless. Obviously, I see a major media blitz coming with this, so let's get the folks in marketing buckled in. Comics sites, fanzines, giveaways, and of course - ugh - variant covers.Over in Spectacular, I'm bringing back a couple of familiar names, one of whom hasn't been seen around these parts in some time, and will surely ignite a fair amount of controversy.On Spectacular, I'm going for David Michelinie writing, with John Byrne returning to the House of Ideas on art. Love him/hate him, you can't deny Byrne's ability to draw. This pair could really tell some great tales of Spidey and his supporting cast, which of course, includes his cadre of villains.First up for David, I've asked for the consummate story of a villain he himself helped create: Venom. He made it to the big screen before the likes of the Lizard, Electro, and the Vulture. He's got wheels. Any kid glomming Venom via the movie is looking for Eddie Brock in the regular titles. David, you've got a year to get Eddie and his symbiote up close and personal again.
Oh, like Romita Sr. on Amazing covers, I'm shooting for another biggie for Spectacular, who also had a hand in Venom's debut. Still sitting? Good. I've placed a call to Todd McFarlane and asked him for a one-year commitment to covers. You all loved his USM 100 variant, right? Think 12 more.


Philip Schaeffer said...

So quick of a question please don't have signed off yet!

I'll make sure this gets on the board before tomorrow morning either in one long post or I'll just post it and explain that it's from you.

But if Sean has serious objections to anything, what do you want to do? Would you like to at least provide some alternate names for your most unlikely to bite creators?

Patrick Cook said...

I'm thinking we throw out our bids - Sean weighs in. If he overrules, boom, we roll with it and come back ASAP with our Plan B. That will show the EIC's job in progress. I don't think we have to land our end game GUARANTEED on the first pitch. I'm okay knowing I've told him "this is where I'm going" and then having him say yes/no you're not, and then me coming back with my revision.

Maybe I'm wrong but I figured we could all tell him "this is what we're thinking," he green/red lights, and Tom watches it all from above. He then comes in with his own flies in the ointment after Sean sticks his neck out.

I'll try my best to roll with the punches no matter how it plays out.

Philip Schaeffer said...

I guess that's how it's going to happen. I'm just afraid that you may get a day behind Mike and me IF we manage to get word from Sean OKing our books and he's got a big problem with your direction.

Again, we're assuming that we can only post once a day. You'll probably be all right.

Michael Heide said...

Use Romita sr. on Spectacular. You won't get McFarlane. You'll get King before you get McFarlane.

Patrick Cook said...

What do folks think about carrying Jae Lee over for covers on King's run? Not ready to marry there for 12 months of interiors, but he could be a good Plan B if McFarlane's a no go.

Philip Schaeffer said...

I think those covers would be great, but I'd be spending a little more time thinking up a back-up writer for Amazing.

Sam Raimi, if you want something big sounding (put him on as a co-writer or something so his time commitment is minimal).

But yeah, Jae Lee would be a logical choice for cover artist.