Monday, May 21, 2007

Spider-office Monday moves - draft

Hey folks, just got back in, been away today, but am trying best to catch up to the day's developments. Wowzer!

So without further ado, going to fire off some quick moves, to be followed by a couple of other posts. As of right now, this is what I'm moving to post, but admittedly, I still need to plow through what every one else has up.

Am I missing anything people needed help with?

Proposed post text:

Sean, I've placed a call to Molly Lazer over at Thunderbolts regarding the coordination of Venom and Eddie Brock getting suited up again. Obviously, I don't want to upset any of the plans they've got going there. Apparently, Molly is away, but expected back soon, so I look forward to talking with her. I certainly dont' intend to distrupt anything Ellis has on tap, he's been doing a terrific job with that revamp, and I want to make sure the Venom storyline that David moves forward in conjunction with that, just like we did with Matt over on Amazing. I've got a conference call planned with David and Matt to let them know the skinny as soon as I hear back from Molly.

I've placed another call to Paul Jenkins for the four issue series to run concurrent with Balance of Power. I like the suggestion to rework the name, though. How about Balance of Power: The Scales of Justice? While we're waiting to hear confirmation from Paul, I've been thinking Kirkman would be a good backup. As I think I mentioned elsewhere, I think fans would be jazzed to see him paired with his Invincible partner, Ryan Ottley. I haven't had any interaction with Steve Lieber before, but if you think he's worth pursuing, I may need some help brokering that first meet.

I've backed off on the fill-in issue, will await the green light on this one.

On Amazing, Matt and JR Jr are turning in Amazing stuff! We're going to be looking for a significant on-line marketing campaign to coincide with the 45th anniversary issue. Also, what do you think about a sketch version of JR Sr.'s cover to be used as a sales incentive for the direct market?

Also, Sean, over in Spectacular, David is looking to come out of his first arc with a revamped Daily Bugle. I know the Pulse was being pushed for a period of time as a super-hero supplement to the Bugle, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside of late. Can we take a look at possibly giving the Daily Bugle link on a bigger publicity boost on conjunction with the new focus in Spectacular? I'd like to see that link be a site where people turn to more and more for their Marvel news, and would be happy to help coordinate the maintenance of that link. Lemme know....


Patrick Cook said...

Leaving the first comment in your own post - totally tasteless.

But Sean, a question - what do you think of having a tie-in to the Spider-Man 3 movie ready to go in conjunction with the DVD release coming later this year? Peter David's done a great job on the novelizations, he could be the man to pen this. On pencils, his former FNSM partner Todd Nauck or Mike Wieringo?

This could also potentially tie in to - gasp - the Best Buy idea that's been kicking around and that Tom said would best be handled by Marketing.

Also, be advised, if Sean greenlights this idea, it'll be added to the draft post above....

Sean Kleefeld said...

The original post looks good, Pat. The Spider-Man DVD idea is good, too, but let me take care of that since that's a decision that needs to be made over at Fox as Tom noted about the FF DVD.

Sean Kleefeld said...

er... Sony, not Fox... but you get the idea. :)