Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh, he's GOT to be kidding!

Well, I guess Tom couldn't make it too easy for me either.


OK, first off, I am NOT going to make this decision quickly and/or lightly. I've got excellent reasons for NOT getting rid of anybody! But I guess I need to make a decision on things regardless.

Here's what's going to happen today: I want all three of you to keep working with your respective issues/problems. According to Tom's post, I was told of the need to let someone go in Buckley's office, which means that you all, as editors, would NOT know of that conversation. Realistically, you wouldn't know that I need to downsize the staff at all, so there's no reason you wouldn't continue working as if nothing were different. As far as you're concerned, nothing is different today than it was yesterday.

So, come up with your respective game plans for today/tonight as normal. We'll go through the same type of review process we've done since last week and once I sign off on your plans, feel free to post those on Tom's blog.

I'll be posting various other moves unrelated to this throughout the day, but my final decision will probably be a little before 8:00 tonight. I'll e-mail whoever it is first, and post my decision on Tom's blog shortly afterwards.


Anonymous said...

to avoid a train-wreck you should confirm with Tom that you can fire somebody at the end of business today because if he wanted a decision made, responsibilities divvied up and areduced editorial staff posting today you guys could be in big trouble

Anonymous said...

Wow. Tough call. You guys are doing a fantastic job reacting to stuff. here are my favorite things so far:

Getting Fraction on Spidey! I hope this decision bleeds over into the real world. Nice call.

I love the Defenders crossover idea - can't wait to see how this one pans out.

Dan Slott on FF. Pleasepleaseplease keep him on board! I hope he doesn't get scared off - he's got an old school 80's Marvel feel to him, which I think the current Marvel is sorely lacking.

Also, JRjr. drawing Amazing again and seeing Michelenie bringing back Eddie Brock - Woo-Hoo!

Glad I'm not EiC - good luck, all of you guys!