Monday, May 21, 2007

Philip, about Wizard's Balance of Power coverage:

I think I have the best connection to Ben Morse thanks to the X-Men/Wolverine articles. So while you edit the main series, in my function as liaison to the other editors (to get Iron Man, the Avengers, the other X-books and so on in on this), should I contact him about the Balance of Power stuff? I'm currently thinking: With stores only getting one promo sheet at once, we could have Wizard printing all four in their books, along with commentary by you, Sean, Joe Straczynski, Paul Jenkins and the writers of the other tie-ins.
Why were those characters chosen for the promotion? What's behind those taglines? What role will they play in Balance of Power? Rounding things up with character sketches and perhaps the cover of #1 (once that's done and approved)?

I think that could give readers a chance to see the other posters (and download them as desktop wallpapers through and/or, it would give the article a nice structure, and you could tease about upcoming plot twists in the interview without giving too much away.


Philip Schaeffer said...

Go nuts with Wizard. I don't like talking to them anyway.

Aw, Ben, you know I'm joking man! Seriously, we really don't hang out anymore. What's up with that, dude? I know you have my number. Is this about what happened at that picnic? Hand to God, man, I was positive those ducks were already dead. Sorry I frightened your niece.

Sean Kleefeld said...

That's good, Mike.

I only might suggest giving the four pieces of art to use in Wizard itself, but saving the wallpaper thing for If Wizard wants an exclusive in terms of being able to publish all four in one place, that's fine, we could either only put out one or two images on or wait until the exclusive aspect of things is over.

Michael Heide said...

How about letting Wizard print the four posters, but distributing the four respective wallpapers among four different sites?,, Newsarama and Comicbookresources?

Sean Kleefeld said...

Actually, i don't want to split the images up TOO much. Part of the cool factor, IMO, is that you've got a series of four pieces of art that work well as a whole. If people never see all four of them together, it doesn't really "click."

Financially, we need to split them up to go to retailers, right? Which means that your average walk-in customer is only going to see one version. The house ad versions we'll only be able to show one at a time because of space limitations. Putting them all in Wizard will cover the folks who get that mag, but I'd like to also see if we can't get their distribution online (in whatever outlet these ultimately get to) to be less fragmentary than what most of our print outlets dictate.

Anonymous said...

We're done, Phil--DONE!


Michael Heide said...

Okay, so Wizard gets the posters for the article, gets the wallpapers, and Ben gets a restraining order against Phil.

Philip Schaeffer said...

And Philip gets lonelier.