Monday, May 21, 2007


If I don't get turned loose, here's my game plan:

Tell Dan he's not going anywhere; I was merely giving him an opportunity to get a head start on things if rush-writing the non-softball alternative had left him behind. Especially with She-Hulk joining the team, Dan is extremely important to the future of FF. I'll then request a conference call between Dwayne and Dan making sure everybody's happy with story direction, etc. And, if it hasn't happened yet, I'd still like to set up the Rise/Balance team meeting/conference call.

Out of my own pocket, send JMS a thank-you gift basket of smoked fish, with a card reading "Serve Namor up however you'd like."

I'm still in favor of bringing Deodato to Balance, Sean, but if you'd rather keep him where he is I'm totally behind Finch or Jimenez. I put those in as alternates in case Cheung defected; I wish Tom had just gone ahead and assigned somebody.

I'll then post solicitations for the Rise of the Defenders issues of She-Hulk and Fantastic Four.


Sean Kleefeld said...

This looks good overall, Phil.

I know Deodato would do well on Balance and I totally understand why you'd be interested in moving him there, but my interest at the moment is keeping SOME stability. Recall that fans and creators alike have seen an new EIC and three new editors step up to the plate in the past few months, all of which include whole new creative teams across a number of titles. Plus, Wacker going off the deep end to start his own, inevitably doomed company. I don't want us to keep shifting creators around on a bunch of different books at this point because fans and creators alike are going to become skittish of Marvel as a whole. "Why invest in Marvel when they're changing their minds every two minutes?"

PLUS, since Deodato signed an exclusive, that means we do NOT have to worry about suddenly losing our artist on an ongoing title. Any creator we sign for BoPow only has to sign up for five issues, so they don't have to worry about locking themselves in anywhere. BoPow is a finite gig, and we don't really need an exclusive to keep someone around that long.

Philip Schaeffer said...

So do you like Finch or Jimenez?

Sean Kleefeld said...

Personally, I prefer Jimenez over Finch, but Finch's style is closer to Deodato's and would provide a closer visual link between BoPow and FF.

Go with Finch first, Jimenez second.

Philip Schaeffer said...

I feel the same way. I listed about a million alternatives for the artist on this title in case Finch can't do it, and several of them I usually prefer to Finch's stuff, too; but I think Finch's art style is right for this story.

It's already on the boards as such anyway.