Monday, May 21, 2007

Pat's Punchlist

Hey, Pat --

As you requested, here's what you need to address today/tonight...

1) Coordination with Thunderbolts office. Ellis has first dibs on Venom regarding changes. Any significant changes in the status quo should be reflected in your books, and you need to make sure that Brock does not get back into the suit before Ellis is done with him. Should not be a huge issue, but one that needs to be coordinated. Which further means that your communications with Thunderbolts office, whatever the outcome, needs to be reported back to both Fraction and Micheline. Possibly JRJr and Pelletier as well if Ellis' work impacts how the character looks.

2) Follow up with Paul Jenkins on Balance of Power: Frontline. See if you can get a definitive answer from him, so he can start working on the books. Did we (all four of us) discuss the length of this series? BoPow is only going to be 5 issues, so Frontline shouldn't go on too long, I expect. Maybe let Jenkins determine how many issues he can/wants to do?

If Jenkins ultimately declines, we need a backup writer (and prefably a backup for your backup) for you to contact. Since Larocca isn't interested, we also need an artist for the book. Didn't Steve Lieber do some Civil War: Frontline? Might be someone to contact, but he's got some movie stuff going on, too, so we'd DEFINITELY want a backup for him.

Also, to everyone, I'm having doubts about the "Frontline" name. It makes for an easy shorthand so we all know the general premise of the book, but the term "frontline" is generally associated with war and/or attacks. While I like the series concept, I would like to tone back the aggressive war notion in our books collectively, so what about something like Balance of Power: Beyond the Headlines? Same premise, just a different title.

3) Don't know how closely you read Tom's blog, but the fill-in thing I asked you to start investigating is a no-go. Do NOT pursue this any further.

4) Finally, just do some general follow-up with your creative teams to make sure that they have everything they need, and that their work is moving apace smoothly.


Philip Schaeffer said...

Patrick said earlier he saw Front Line as four issues, and that sounded about right to me.

Oh, and I'd only suggested we call it Balance of Power: Front Line because at the end of CWFL, Ben and Sally started their own news site called, and WWHFL is going to follow their journalistic endeavors during that crisis. I thought that's the book I was pitching but Patrick ran with a different, cool idea, so the Front Line moniker isn't even that appropriate anyway.

Or we could T. Paine it up with Balance of Power: The Scale of Peace?

That sounds like the subtitle for a Star Trek movie.

Michael Heide said...

Actually it sounds too much like a Star Trek movie. I think we should definitely go with a play on the word "scale". THE SCALE OF DESTRUCTION?

Philip Schaeffer said...

Balance of Power: The Tipping Scales

Balance of Power: The Fish Scales

Balance of Power: The Major, Minor and Locrean Scales

Balance of Power: This One Hero Scales a Wall

Anonymous said...

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