Monday, May 21, 2007


The following telephone conversation was intercepted moments ago:

EB: "Hello?"

PS: "Hey, Ed Brubaker?"

EB: "Uh... no?"

PS: "Hey, Ed, this is Philip Schaeffer. I'm the new editor on Wolverine."

EB: "Oh, right. I'd heard about that; tough break for--"

PS: "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Hey, listen, Eddie... Can I call you Eddie?"

EB: "No."

PS: "Yeah, listen Eddie, I'll get to the point. You're a busy guy. I just wanted to bounce a few ideas off you for the book."

EB: "Well, I'm pretty happy with how things--"

PS: "Eschrichtius robustus."

EB: "Bless you."

PS: "Thanks. It's a baleen."

EB: "Excuse me?"

PS: "Oh, were you interested in a toothed? I didn't think they had the right look--"

EB: "I'm not following this--"

PS: "--although Cuvier's Beakeds do have a certain charm."

EB: "--conversation at all."

PS: "That's okay. Me, I'm bad at following directions. Just ask my Editor in Chief!"

EB: "I think I'm going to hang up."

PS: "But we've got to figure out what kind of whale you're going to use."

EB: "Excuse me?"

PS: "What kind of whale you're going to use, you know. When you drop it on Wolverine. To kill him?"

--long pause--

EB: "Ohhhh, rightrightrightrightright. Duh. I don't know what I was worried about."

PS: "Oh, good!"

EB: "I was thinking of using a Humpback. Megaptera novaeangliae."

PS: "Great! Go really big. Giant splash page."

EB: "Exactly!"

PS: "I'm so glad Sean gave me this book."

EB: "Me too. Now let me get my hands on Spidey!"



--End Transmission--


Michael Heide said...

You maniac.

Jack said...

That was hilarious! Especially the beginning. Good stuff.

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