Thursday, May 17, 2007

X-Men group editor. Day 3 - The redesigns are in.

Sean, before we do anything (like sending these to Ben Morse), what do you think of this? If you don't mind, I'd like to give this to Wizard as soon as possible to build up interest for the Uncanny X-Men run. Could you also approve Adrian's designs (not shown here)?

I just got the X-Men redesigns from Marko and Adrian. Shown here are only the Djurdjevic designs, though. (off-time: I couldn't find any X-Men by Adrian on the web).
Ben, I send them directly to you, along with Robert Weinberg's comments. I don't know yet how many characters Weinberg will use (he will tell you), but Cyclops, Gambit, Rogue and Nightcrawler will definitely be in the book. Gambit might get a different design though, I'm leaning towards Adrian's rendition of the Cajun (not pictured here, but you'll get Adrians designs as well, Ben). Both Gambit and Rogue will leave the team in the first six months, though (you heard it here first).

Notice that Nightcrawler has five fingers in this sketch. In the book, he'll have the usual three.

Click on the following image to enlarge:

Phil, do you prefer this Magneto or the classic helmet version? If you like this, Ben will get this sketch as well (since Magneto will be in issues 4 and 5 of Uncanny).

If you'd rather go for the classic, recognizable helmet look (Adrian had a killer version of this with his sketches), that's okay. Since you'll handle Magneto more than I will, it's your call (and Sean's of course).


Michael Heide said...

There's something wonky with the page layout. Can anyone help me?

Michael Heide said...

Okay, you can see the two widescreen images by clicking on them.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Yeah, blogger's not great about pictures and I don't think there's a universal setting we can change.

I think there are options for picture placement and text wraparound when you make your post. Mess around with it if it bugs you too much.

Philip Schaeffer said...

As for Magneto, I'm fine with the business suit look. It's not going to drive me crazy if he's running around in that get up in Uncanny and he puts on the helmet and cape to avert major disasters in BoP.

Michael Heide said...

Sounds like a plan, then.

Tom "Fetsur" Daylight said...

where did you pull those out of? you didn't con alphona into thinking you're a real marvel editor, did you? :)

Sean Kleefeld said...

Love it!

Open ended question: should Wizard get ALL the sketches to use? should you hold one/some back to drop in a different venue later? I don't have an answer, but I'll just put it out there.

Philip Schaeffer said...

That's a point: split them between the different outlets. Though that might make Wizard kind of angry.

Michael Heide said...

... and that's why Wizard will get them all.

Tom, those are Marko Djurdjevic's designs from about a year or so ago. They got Marvel's attention, which led to him getting work there in the first place. He had since put them offline, but I still had them on my hard drive, so I could post them here. I asked him through his myspace page, and he gave his okay.

Anonymous said...


Sketches look great and we're excited to run them.

Is there any chance of getting a Brubaker interview on Wolverine to run in this same issue or is it too soon?


Michael Heide said...

The first Weinberg/Alphona issue will ship with the Diggle/Sudzuka issue of Wolverine. Ed Brubaker's run will start the next month. I'll ask him if he has the time, though.

Anonymous said...

Where did you pull those out of????

Michael Heide said...

I'm a Marvel editor. This is my job...

Michael Heide said...

No, seriously. I answered that question above.

Kemal said...


I was quite stunned when I saw your sketches of re-designed characters of X-men...they were great!! I also like to re-design an X-men, I am absolutely glad I found your blog..

Are you really a Marvel editor??

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