Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 3 - The X-Men group editor

Okay, before Tom posts his update on his blog, I just wanted to add a few things:

Is there an upcoming convention we could use to make our exclusive deals public and spread word about the crossover?

I just asked the real Marko Djurdjevic on his MySpace page if I can use his actual X-Men redesigns he came up with about a year or so ago. If I get his approval, I could post them here for Ben Morse (for his exclusive First Look feature in Wizard).

Today I will have to tell Robert Weinberg if issues 4 and 5 of his Uncanny X-Men run will be tie-ins to "Road to Defenders". Note that I'm not asking about the name here, but about the contents of two upcoming issues. So do we go through with this or not? I need a clear answer here.



Michael Heide said...

Update: Marko said yes, I can post his redesigns.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Hey! No fair using real people for this fake thing!

That is really cool though.