Thursday, May 17, 2007


Sean, based on response from the boards and the overall direction of Balance of Power/Defenders, I've decided to hold off on plans to relaunch She-Hulk. Instead, I'm going to suggest that Sue leaves Reed and the children once again and goes to Namor and the Defenders and She-Hulk replaces her on the team. That will anger so many more die-hard fans that they'll wish I just started a new book. Also I obviously vote to get FF out, mainly cause I doubt Amazing will come together in time. If you think Amazing will make it to press, then go ahead and release that since it'll sell more copies.

Due to upcoming events that will resonate throughout the Marvel Universe, we're holding off on She-Hulk's relaunch/retitle until things have settled down. She-Hulk will instead be joining the Fantastic Four starting in issue 23 of her own book and FF 551, replacing Sue Richards. This means Dan doesn't lose Johnny Storm. But remind him I can take him away whenever I want. Then laugh so he knows I'm joking. But put something sinister behind the laugh so he's not sure I'm joking.

The previously described crossover will take place in She-Hulk 21-22 and FF 549-550(extra pages on that one if possible); it that works with the Black Panther schedule, they're beyond welcome. The crossover will bear the following banner: THE RISE OF THE DEFENDERS, and will instead be the darker FF arc we'd described (Doom gather together the Defenders), instead of the original crossover pitch of chasing Doom across the galaxy (Dan and Dwayne may work elements of that into the beginning of the revised crossover, however).

Forget die-cut bookmarks; they'll just give people papercuts anyway.

Tell Molly the following (or just call the guys myself):

First, tell Deodato I'll talk to Dan about changing the story. Then I'll point out to him that he's allowed to make the softball game the most gritty, brutal softball game in the history of softball (the players all have powers, after all).

If Dan's already started writing the softball story, see if he can at least rewrite the last half or two thirds to include calling off the game so the heroes can, in some action-packed manner, avert a catastrophe (construction acccident, alien space craft crash, unregistered hero trying to buy some milk). Keep in mind this only requires rewriting one part of the story, since several scenes were focused on Sue and Reed being grumpy faced (hence my wanting Deodato's emotional touch).

If Dan hasn't already started writing (in which case he's in trouble with me, but I'll let it slide THIS TIME since it works to our advantage), suggest he scrap the softball storyline in favor of the New FF on a distant alien world battling space slugs or an army of fierce warriors and treating it like it's normal, to establish how Black Panther and Storm are really fitting into the new team. Resolicit the issue if necessary.

Then, I'll do everything in my power to rush the preview pages for Marvel, which I would imagine includes: crying a lot, paying multiple inkers and colorers to work on a single page of the preview art each (and apologizing, because I bet that irritates them), clicking my teeth and bugging everybody in the office, urging Amanda to work as fast as she can and generally trying to cheerlead/bulldog everyone into getting it done. Then I'll think about gluing all of the guys' belongings to their desks, but I'll remember that they're only rushing me so they can promote my book and I should probably just be thankful whenever somebody helps me out on She-Hulk.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a thought for She-Hulk. Get Stephen Colbert to assist in a few issues. It would be the perfect scenario for his satirical humor to come out and talk about pop!