Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cross Marketing - Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You?

Folks, just a quick thought.

Can we take a look at getting our titles in some non-conventional points of distribution?

For example, with the FF movie on the horizon, movie theatres would be a perfect spot for us to reach some new fans. Admittedly, most of the diehards are already getting their weekly fixes from their local comic book shops, but this would be a primo spot to grab some of the young kids on their way in.

Obviously, I don't think we'll have OUR titles out the door in time for the June debut, but how about we work with marketing to find out about getting the current issues in the theatres, AND, at the same time, we can work up some posters or promos for Philip's upcoming launch? Something to tease what's to come?

And on another track, can we find out the upcoming DVD release dates for all things Marvel? I'd love to take a look at getting our books into the Walmart special packages or Best Buy and Circuit City for the next DVD release. Spider-Man 3 may still be a ways off, but I'm not sure when our titles our hitting the shelves. It could coincide nicely, and open up marketing and partnership opportunities with the DVD and electronic game stores.


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Michael Heide said...

It's too late for the Spider-Man 3 game, but the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer videogame will hit the stands soon.

Remember my pitch for Fantastic Four? I'd really go for the four prequel books. Or in this case, a reprint of our first Fantastic Four issue.

Put one in with the Fantastic Four DVD, let players unlock the other one in the FF2 game (instead of just old covers like in Ultimate Spider-Man or X-Men Legends.

The Spider-Man 3 DVD, go for it. With our simulation effectively covering ten months, the DVD should come out during our stint on the books.

Sean, could you find out if there's a new X-Men game in the pipeline we could tie in with.