Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tom posted. Day 3 has officially begun.

Just had an idea to kill two birds with one stone.

Byrne doesn't want to do Spectacular Spider-Man, and Jim Cheung needs a book. How about giving Spectacular to Jimmy, at least until we agree on a replacement for Byrne?

Also, with Cheung fresh off the Illuminati mini, could he be a suitable artist for "Balance of Power"?


Michael Heide said...

Gotta go for two or three hours. My titles are pretty much running smoothly right now.

And when I'm back, I'll have the Djurdjevic redesigns.

Patrick Cook said...

Okay, read Tom's take. Sean, I think there's still a chance we can pull off Byrne for Spectacular. He hasn't said no outright, so there is a chance for some negotiation here.

Since we have Michelinie on board, how about we use him to help John get charged up on this? David's well respected, and is a good story teller. Maybe if he can give John an end-game of where he's going, John will sign on.

Tom did indicate he's still "chewing" on the idea. Let's get himto sink his teeth into this one a la Venom and his choppers.

Also, we can explain that JR Jr had already signed on for the Amazing stint.

Also, it's not a slight at all to him, more of a homage to wanting him back on one of Marvel's flagship characters with another alum making a return as well.

I need to get this squared ASAP, though, so I will begin the process of lining up a potential replacement for Byrne.

And Venom aside, Byrne's gotta be interested in the fall and potential rise of everyone's favorite newspaper publisher, right?

To help sweeten the pot, tell him we'd be happy to let him post working pencils of his pages over on his John Byrne forum so his fans can watch the evolution of one of his return to the webslinger.

Patrick Cook said...

And in the meantime, per Michael's suggestion, let's see about getting Cheung on board.

Everyone think he'll be okay for a 12-month commitment to a MONTHLY?

Patrick Cook said...

Just had a nice long chat with Matt Fraction. He's jazzed that he got the green light, and is scurrying off to get me his plots and scripts. Obviously, he's psyched to be working with JR Jr. I think this could be his real breakout to the Marvel Universe proper, and he knows it, so he's looking to shine.

I expect to see something back from his fairly soon, and will work up a new solicit based on his feedback.

Matt seems interested in working a couple of Spidey's other supporting hero cast members into his storyline, specifically the Black Cat and Prowler. Anyone see an immediate problem there?

Amazing is looking to be on track, still looking to nail down the Spectacular art chores.

Patrick Cook said...

Sean - yet ANOTHER thing. With Paul Pelletier coming off FF, how's this sound:

If we can't snag Byrne for Spectacular - which I still think CAN happen - how about getting Pelletier lined up for interiors, and seeing if Jimmy Cheung is interested in providing us with a year's worth of gorgeous covers?

Philip Schaeffer said...

Let's talk about the shipping problem this month.

Clearly we need to release whatever book will sell the most copies. That'd by Amazing. But will Amazing be ready? Should we take that risk? I posted by solits yesterday and Tom says the first issue's still coming in under the wire.

I assume both titles will get a bump from a new creator.

I'd rather sell 80,000+ than 55,000+ for these two books, but I'd DEFINITELY rather sell 55,000+ for two books than 0.

Patrick Cook said...

Amazing is good to go, and will be ready on time, it's Spectacular that's still in the tunnel at this point.

Matt is convinced he'll be good to go on time, ditto for JR Jr.

The solicit will be up within hours.