Thursday, May 17, 2007

Okay, it's after 8 now.

So much for today's deadline.

Now, is there anything we have to discuss? I can think of three things:

  • Susan Storm: In or out?
  • Who gets the in-house ad space?
  • How to deal with Big Money Comics.
I still think we should pitch a crossover with Big Money.


Philip Schaeffer said...

First off, sorry about the bone-headed Uncanny gaffe.

To answer your things to think of, in reverse order:

3) My method of dealing with Big Money is a giant crossover event called THE BALANCE OF POWER.

2) In-house ad space. Clearly we're all touting new creative teams; clearly we all think we need it. In a couple of months we'll want to boost the event, but I'd be okay with buying only some half-page ads for my books that tout both of them.

1) I'll respond to the Sue Storm question in a separate post. The vibe I get from Sean is that he's fine with it as long as he gets some assurance that I'm not going crazy.

Michael Heide said...

After turning the Marvel Universe into Magrathea, with more Whales falling from the skies than raindrops, I guess it's to late for that...

*takes tongue out of cheek again*

Sean Kleefeld said...

I've got it! We have a weekly comic book series in which a whale falls on a different hero every week. But we only do it for 42 weeks! :)

Michael Heide said...

And Wolverine is are the last man standing. And then he gets hit by a stray pot of flowers.