Thursday, May 17, 2007


Mike, how's this for a compromise:

What if we call the limited THE BALANCE OF POWER. The lead up books are bannered RISE OF THE DEFENDERS. The team is still called the Defenders, but now the diehard fans won't be quite as incensed against it?


Michael Heide said...


Still not 100% convinced, but the single components are starting to fall into place.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Cool. Can you think of any good Spidey villainish characters who'd make an interesting addition to Mole Man, Doom, Namor etc.?

I'd love to get Patrick in on this in some capacity.

Michael Heide said...

Only the Scrier brotherhood. But they reek of the clone saga, so I recommend using somebody else.

From the top of my head, the only villain Spider-Man faced that is the ruler of his own country would be Doctor Doom, who is in on this anyway.

Patrick Cook said...

Philip, not sure who I can lend to the mix on this.

Gimme a couple to kick it around.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Venom? Get a little tie in action going on?

No? You don't like that?

Patrick Cook said...

Only fear is that then we've got Venom sliming all over the place, potentially watering the character down again. He'll still be maintaining his prescence over in T-Bolts, but David is really looking to bring his baby back to the roost. I'd like to use his venue to spotlight that character's arc.

But on another note, it would force me to rethink the Amazing direction, but what about Otto?

Philip Schaeffer said...

Well, he's foreign so that helps. I'm honestly less concerned with finding some Spider-Man bad guy and throwing him the mix, since as Mike said Spidey's fought Doom before etc., what I more want to know is whether or not either of your titles will tie into the crossover?

From Tom's post it sounds like Fraction ain't into that.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Sean, I'm fine putting Cheung on Balance of Power and keeping Deodato on FF. I'd prefer it another way, but I'd be fine with that.

Patrick Cook said...

Philip, I'm with Matt on this. I'd really like to keep each of the titles "crossover-free" for at least the next year.

There's been one or two crossovers in recent months that people have been familiar with.

I'm more interested in a pair of year-long Spider-stories that play themselves out on the pages of their own books and don't hook into our other plans.

However, as I've said elsewhere, I have NO problem with Spidey swinging his way across your pages, so long as he comes back to me in one piece.

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