Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hey, guys --

I've read Tom's Day 3 but I haven't checked your follow-ups here yet. Quick question, though: of the creators you've officially got on board as of right now, who do you feel are either A) critical to the direction you're taking your books, and/or B) fairly likely to take off for a "better offer" at Big Money?

Tom's concerned (rightly so) about budget, so I'm thinking I could get four, MAYBE five exclusives.


Michael Heide said...

Brubaker. Definitely. He's vital to readers staying on Wolverine.

Also, Alphona. The point of putting him on Uncanny X-Men was to keep him from wandering to another publisher.

As for the other books, I guess Amanda Conner, Mike Deodato and Brian Vaughan are important factors. Vaughan only if we can actually get him for "Balance of Power", so try to check that first.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Deodato's important to me, but I'd be happy with several of my various alternatives. I would hate to lose Amanda, but that's the biz. I can't imagine he'd steal both McDuffie and Slott and I'd be happy with either of them writing both books. So you don't have to waste any exclusives on my books unless you think it helps the line overall. And the only person I think that might be true of is Deodato.

Patrick Cook said...

Sean, from my end, and assuming JR Jr and Fraction already have exclusives with Marvel, it's Byrne I'm looking to tie up. With him not having any regular DC gigs right now, this would be the way we can loop him into lots more for the House of Ideas as we move forward.

As far as the others go, again, I'd assume Bru already has his exclusivity contract gigged out, so I'd put Weinberg, Connor and Alphona at the top of the newcomers list.

Michael Heide said...

I'd rather tie up Jimmy Cheung than Byrne. He seems more of a draw to new readers, if you ask me.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Cheung's now number one choice for BoP, btw, bbq, eieio.