Thursday, May 17, 2007

About those inhouse ads...

Sean, over at my "My moves for today" post, you wrote this comment:

> That sounds good -- with the FF movie and Phil's BoP thing
> coming together, I'm inclined to push the FF a little more than
> the other books from a marketing POV.

> I don't know that X-Men or Spidey need as much exposure to
> at least retain (relatively speaking) current sales levels

What did you mean by that? Is this about Wolverine's inhouse ads? Should I leave that out of my post for Tom?


Sean Kleefeld said...

Tom mentioned that I need to prioritize the books, I think, more for overall purposes of defining his expectations of what I/we are trying to accomplish.

Not to say that we won't do in-house ads for Wolverine or whatever, just that I think Phil's books stand to gain the most from some additional marketing attention. So it leads to decisions like pushing Amazing back behind FF on the OPS scheduling problem Tom threw at me.

Michael Heide said...

Yeah, but Brubaker's Wolverine start won't be in our first month anyway. So in the first month, our in-house ads could feature Fantastic Four and/or She-Hulk, while in the second month, there are more slots for Wolverine...

Sean Kleefeld said...

Sure, I'm not saying we can't do an inhouse for Wolverine by any means. I don't want dismiss the X- or Spidey books -- just that more marketing time, proportionally, is probably going to FF.

Summary: an inhouse ad for wolverine next month is fine. :)

Patrick Cook said...

My two cents, I'd prefer to see the FF grabbing the in-house ink, especially if we're timing this around the movie release.