Wednesday, May 16, 2007

X-Office: My moves for day two.

Tom wrote:

> Robert Weinberg will take the UNCANNY X-MEN job.

> Adrian Alphona will take the UNCANNY X-MEN job. The VP of Operations
> warns you that Adrian isn't fast enough to do twelve issues a year--and
> especially starting under the gun like this, you'll likely need a fill-in artist
> after around four issues.

First step: Check if Michael Ryan is available for a two-issue fill-in work. He has worked with Weinberg before (Cable) and followed Alphona on Runaways, so the style change shouldn't be too jarring.

If he's unavailable, I'd like to borrow X-Men's fill-in artist Humberto Ramos for that story, scheduled for issues four and five of our run.

If both don't work out, I ask Kaare Andrews about the two-issue fill-in.

Step two: I ask Robert Weinberg if he minds doing a first look feature for Wizard, spotlighting the characters. Also, I need sketches for new X-Men uniforms by Adrian (and perhaps Marko Djurdjevic, if he wants to pitch in). If Robert and Adrian agree, I give Ben confirmation for the First Look.

Step three: I ask Robert Weinberg if his schedule allows to work on Issues two and four simultaneously, so our fill-in artist could get a head start.

Tom wrote:
> Ed Brubaker is intrigued by the approach you describe for WOLVERINE,
> but isn't sure about his schedule. He'll get back to you.

I try to get a writer for a one-issue story (like between Guggenheim's and Loeb's runs) to buy myself more time. I really would love to have Brubaker on Wolverine, so if he needs a breather between Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine, I’ll ask Andy Diggle to pitch in for one issue.

> Mike Perkins will take the WOLVERINE assignment, presuming that Ed
> or another writer he likes is also on the title.

If Andy Diggle is okay, Mike could come on board with his issue. If not, he'd come in with Ed and we’d need a different artist for Diggle's story. Is Jock available?

> Dave Johnson will do covers. The VP of Operations reminds you that Dave
> can sometimes vanish off the map, so you'll want to keep an eye on things
> and have a back-up plan if something comes up or Dave runs late.

While I have Jock on the phone, I ask him if he'd mind doing two or three covers we could shuffle in when Dave misses a deadline. I tell Dave that his covers should be Wolverine on a motorcycle, Wolverine fighting generic goons, nothing too story-specific.


Waiting for your approval, Sean.


Sean Kleefeld said...

I like all this. Go with it.

One possible bump to be wary of... If Adrian can't do 12 issues a year, will he have time to do new character designs? Might want to check that and have a backup artist ready to call.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Mike, I've got some crayons and some napkins if you need any help with character designs.

Let's change Wolverine's hairstyle. Give him a bob. Black cotton cloths covered in over-sized safety pins, and lime green Chuck Taylors that he's written all over in multi-colored Sharpie.

Man, that sounds great! I'm in the wrong business!

Michael Heide said...

Philip? Between this and the whole "Wolverine smashed by a symbiote-covered whale" scenario, I've got to ask...

What drugs are you on?!

And can I have some? Please?

Philip Schaeffer said...

It's a cocktail of Benzedrine, rock candy and tiger testosterone.

Michael Heide said...

Oh, and Sean, about your initial post: We have Marko Djurdjevic on covers, and I have already asked him to help out with the character designs. So that shouldn't be too much of a problem.