Wednesday, May 16, 2007

SheHulk Titles Brainstorming

Just kicking around some title ideas for She-Hulk in another meeting. (Love that mutlitasking!) I'm not married to any of these, but it might give you a jump start on the types of things I'm thinking of...

She-Hulk's Guide to Hollywood/LA/California
She-Hulk's California Girls
She-Hulk & Human Torch: In Search of California Girls
She-Huk's Beverly Hills Heroes
She-Hulk & Human Torch: Hollywood Heroes
She-Hulk's LA Torch Song
She-Hulk: I Love LA


Michael Heide said...

LA Woman? LA Women? The first cover could be a Doors parody.

Philip Schaeffer said...

I can get behind several of these, but I remain convinced that FF-branding is the best thing for the overall health of my titles.

She-Hulk's Guide to Hollywood or She-Hulk: I Love L.A. both convey appropriate attitude.

I really don't want to do this cause it's been done to this title several times, but what if we cancel after the FF crossover, release a limited series (3-6 issues, preferably 3) called one of the She-Hulk centric titles and then Launch Fantastic Four: Hollywood?

Could you get behind that as a game plan, O Sean the Omnivorous and Ursine?

(I mean ursine as a compliment, btdubs).

Michael Heide said...

Fantastic Four: Hollywood sounds great. But it rings more of a miniseries than of an ongoing.

debbie said...

I don't love the idea of a title change, but here are some suggestions...

Fantastic Four 90210

California Girls

California Girl Powers

She-Hulk: Left Coast Attorney

Powers 90210



Don't forget the whole saga of Jennifer Powers having to study for and pass the California Bar Exam. And she can fight the Guvnor while she is there.

Philip Schaeffer said...

She-Hulk should definitely arm wrestle the Guvernator.

Sean Kleefeld said...

Phil -- Do me a favor and expand on your crossover/canel/miniseries idea please

Philip Schaeffer said...

Gotcha. As I outlined according to Tom's plans, issue 18-20 of She-Hulk lead up to the crossover.

Issue's 21 and 22 are the crossover. The title ends with issue 22.

We then have a 3 issue miniseries called A She-Hulk's Guide to Hollywood, in which Shulkie gets the lay of the land, encounters various female heroes hanging out in L.A. (Sharon, Crystal, maybe one of the Powers, some guest appearances etc.), maybe at the previously described "Women With Powers Pottery Class" or something. At the end of the mini, she decides that she wants to start the...

Fantastic Four: Los Angeles, or whatever Fantastic Four based title you're okay with. Johnny Storm comes to the title in this issue. Maybe we change creative teams again (I like Conner and would love to give her a chance on a big book like this).

This looks far ahead that I think the last day of the sim's sales numbers will include FFLA, a number 1 issue that should undoubtedly sell a lot of copies.

So does easing our way into the new title via a miniseries make you more comfortable. Its numbers probably won't be that big, but it'll act as a good bridge.

Sean Kleefeld said...

Okay, yeah, I'm better with that. I think too sudden a switch-up will be a repeat of that Exiles deal last time.

I want to stress again though that the stories need to flow organically. As I was thinking about it, I don't really have a problem with crystal being in California and/or being a wet blanket opposite Jen and whomever, but Crys needs a solid reason for going to CA. She's not going to move there on a whim.

Here's another thought, too. What about Tigra instead of Sharon? She is 1970s FF hanger-on and has a pretty solid relationship with Jen already. Might make more sense for the story.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Tell you what, I'll make sure Dwayne has good motivations for all of them to be in L.A. and have them all be around for the mini-series. Even Lyja! We'll be seeing green!

This gives Dwayne and Amanda some time to see who they work best with, and then I'll consult with them and pick the best team when we launch the FF spinoff.