Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Amazing Spider-Man solicit (feedback wanted)

Part 1 of 12

Written by Matt Fraction
Pencils by John Romita Jr.
Cover by John Romita Jr.
Variant Cover by John Romita Sr.

Reveal your secret identity to the world? Check. Have your aunt get shot because people found out that secret? Check. Lose the job you’ve held most of your adult life? Check. Go head to the head with the latest, deadliest incarnation of the Sinister Six? Yeah, you can check that one off, too. Iron Fist writer Matt Fraction teams with John Romita Jr., THE pre-eminent Spider-artist of the last two decades to make Peter Parker’s life even MORE miserable. Wait – is that possible? And just why does Doctor Octopus want to get his tentacles on a mysterious letter signed by…..Richard Parker?!?!?!
32 PGS/Rated A……$2.99


Sean Kleefeld said...

I'm not inclined to do a variant cover here. Let's put JRSr on here as a single cover, and plan for variant(s) on the end of the arc.

Obviously, keep in mind that we don't actually have Fraction yet.

Otherise, good start.

Anonymous said...

At this point in the game, shouldn't you be more concerned with getting your creative staff going, than dictating the story arc?

Writing Previews blurbs is good and all, but too much story micro-management is going to be less appealing to creators, not more.


Patrick Cook said...

It's not that I'm as concerned about dictating the story arc as it is that I've got a solicit ready to go for the next Previews. I'm definitely not too immersed in the plot as I am in the creative team and the marketing as we move forward.

Complete agreeance on the micro-managing, but the damn EIC is really on us to have our solicits done early enough so we can really put a push on for them in advance of their release.

Thanks for the feedback....