Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Solicitation Texts, Additional

Philip just did, but I still don't know if Brubaker will take over Wolverine, or if Andy Diggle writes the first issue. I guess Patrick has similar problems with Amazing Spider-Man, now that Stephen King is out of the picture.

Oh, and one other thing. How about we pitch other titles? Additional books? If we do (and they are approved by Sales management), would they add to our sales? It could be a shortcut to the 504'000 books. Unless additional books would raise our goal.


Philip Schaeffer said...

Yeah, I've been wondering if I'm going to have to cancel She-Hulk in order to do the D*******s mini.

If we can have more than 6 books, I'll bet the sales ceiling will be raised accordingly. So you'd better make damn sure they'll sell at least as many copies as sales thinks they'll sell.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he gonna let you guys cancel She Hulk for a crossover mini giving the objective is rasing the overall sales that would pretty much qualify as cheating.

The worst case scenario you guys can do the mini and only use the improve that the tie-ins will make (it probably being meaningless to the mutant books that seems to be off on their own directions, but FF would certainly have a central tie-in, Sensational can have a big tie-in with Spider dealing with NY and the road to will probably give New She Hulk a starting point that at least some 25% over the old one).

Anonymous said...

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