Monday, May 14, 2007

Preferred Properties and Creators


I think I could handle (at least for this simulation) Fantastic Four, Marvel's teen books (Runaways, Loners, New Warriors, Young Avengers etc), most of the Avengers-related titles and X-books. Iron Man would be a tough book to edit, but it would probably be the most challenging one. Currently, fans love to hate the character. I'd love to let a writer try to make him more relatable to the readers.
If I get any cosmic books, Ghost Rider or books outside of the classic Marvel universe (NewUniversal, Supreme Power, Ultimate books etc), I might have to swap them with one of you, since those are the areas of Marvel I'm least familiar with, which would be unfair to the fans.


Brian K Vaughan, Allan Heinberg, C B Cebulski, Joe Casey, Christopher Priest, Steve Seagle, Jay Faerber, Paul Jenkins, Devin Grayson, Dwayne McDuffie, Adam Warren and Marc Guggenheim.
Mark Millar, Brian Bendis, Joe Straczynski and other superstar writers would probably demand too high a page rate.
And Warren Ellis would probably eat me for breakfast.
I know Dan Jurgens and Geoff Johns are both DC-exclusive, but is Mark Waid? Does anyone have a list of DC-exclusive creators? Kolimar from the Newarama boards, do you read this? You seem to have a list for everything...


Mark Bagley, John Romita jr., Ron Garney (Imagine him on the Defenders), Skottie Young, Jim Mahfood, Adrian Alphona, Jim Cheung, Kaare Andrews (in his exaggerated pencil and ink style), Mike Wieringo and Ladronn.
I'd love to hire Humberto Ramos, but I'm always astonished how many fans don't like his style. While Skottie Young and Kaare Andrews have similar styles, they might charge less per page, so it's less of a financial risk.
And if they weren't DC exclusive or knee-deep in creator-owned work, Joshua Middleton.

For Covers:

From the top of my head:
Marko Djurdjevic, Kaare Andrews (digitally painted), Lee Bermejo, Tony Harris, J. Scott Campbell and Tommy Lee Edwards.


Philip Schaeffer said...

Waid is most definitely DC Exclusive.

Michael Heide said...

Too bad.