Monday, May 14, 2007

My Two Thousand Cents

I agree we should keep it public. In fact, we should go ahead and announce this website's presence on the boards already out there, describing it as a behind the scenes look, and a way for people to comment on stuff before it's official.

So, on to the pre-business business.

The phrasing of the word limitation gave me a little pause, too, Mike. Assuming the worst/most challenging, I took it to mean that each day we got one move, which could be a maximum of 500 words (which I take to be only a general guideline, since it's doubtful anybody's going to get disqualified for exceeding the length by a couple words, just like you said, Sean).

As for who the EIC will or should be... I'd definitely be behind Sean, since he does have some pretty extensive knowledge of the Marvel Universe at large. The thing is, that also might make him a really valuable editor on iconic titles like Fantastic Four etc. I don't think we should spend too much time worrying about it, since it's probably out of our hands (and knowing Tom Brevoort, he'll probably have it be Patrick or Ed just to throw us for a loop) and I think that any of us would assign editorial duties to the most appropriate parties, since the lines of communication are already open and we don't even know what we're dealing with yet.

Along those lines, Mike, I agree: let's list off our favorite titles and creators, so we get a sense of who knows what. Let's also talk about some books that we don't get quite as well. I'll start:

My Preferred Properties (meaning these are books and characters I feel I get):

The Avengers (Both New and Mighty)
Captain America
The Hulk
The Irredeemable Ant-Man
New Excalibur
Cable and Deadpool (particularly the Deadpool bits)

My Preferred Writers (and by right I mean the guys whose work I consistently dig):

(Did I leave anybody out?)

And a super-edgy possible wildcard for a one shot or backup story: Michael Chabon

My Preferred Artists (this is the category I could use the most help with):

Ed McGuinness

Here are some titles I feel like I'm not the best pick for:

Anything in the X-Universe (I like it, I just don't know it that well)
Iron Man (Ever since he doesn't need the suit to stay alive, I don't get this character... oh, and people think he's a bad guy now)
Ghost Rider
The Punisher
Iron Fist (again, I like this grittier stuff... I just don't think I get it)
And, and amendment, all the teen type properties that Michael was saying he'd be good for.

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