Monday, May 14, 2007

My Initial Thoughts

Thanks for the nod, Mike, but let's see what Tom has to say about the EIC. Personally, I don't really have a preference since a) I don't really know you guys very well yet, and b) for this exercise, I'd be just as happy editing a couple of books as lording over everyone! :)

I have the impression that the 500 word limit is a per person basis. Whatever you want to do/change, you can only drop 500 words on the subject per day. (I have the feeling, though, that that'll be more of a guideline than a rule. I doubt Tom's going to slam anyone for a 501 word essay.)

I spent the weekend thinking about the types of things I would do if I were to be given different books, and a lot of my thinking didn't end up going anywhere because what I would do on, say, Heroes for Hire would be totally different than what I'd do on Amazing Spider-Man. I don't think it'd hurt to start thinking about creators and such, but I would suggest not going down a well-I-just-want-to-work-with-Alan-Moore-regardless-of-what-book-it's-on type of approach. I think -- and this is NOT from an EIC position, mind you -- that we should think about which creators make the most sense for any given book. So I don't know that we should start listing who we want on what until at least we know what we're each editing. Though I do think Mike's got a good idea of reviewing who's exclusive to whom and that sort of thing.

Next, in response to Philip's e-mail about making this public: I think we absolutely should. In the first place, it'll be more interesting to anyone following along -- especially with our 500 word limit -- and in the second place, it'll encourage more interaction. And while we most likely won't always get good suggestions from them (though, there may well be some brilliant ones!), I think we should follow in Stan's footsteps and let folks at least have a voice about what we're doing. Maybe use e-mail for occasional stuff -- say, if we start sliding into personal notes/comments -- but for any of the more professional editing type discussions, I vote we keep it open to the public.

More later. (Wait -- does Tom have that trademarked?)

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