Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh, and we should all re-read the last MES' posts. I think we can only learn from Steve's and Hugh's experience. I'll just skim over them and make a few comments, but I'll print them out and read them as a whole.

The old setup and guidelines
Simulation Begins
Somehow I doubt that the three "regular" editors will get three books each. With more people involved than just Hugh and Steve, we will probably oversee only two books each. But that's just a hunch.
Day 2
Day 3
So we can pitch new books (Hugh pitched a Nick Fury book). Any characters you want dibs on? I have ideas (and potential creative teams) for Hannibal King, as well as Cloak and Dagger. If one of you wants to use one of them as well, I suggest that we each explain what we have in mind and then let the others decide which direction suits the characters better.
Day 4
Day 5
Ah, yeah, the infamous Paul Jenkins incident. What do you think? Should we try to contact the creators we want to use (via Message Boards, MySpace or whatever) and tell them about this to avoid confusion? Or would that make matters worse?
Day 6
Remember that we always can get a 30 minute deadline for our moves. So let's try to plan ahead as far as possible through this blog or through email.
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Be prepared for feedback from Wizard.
Day 10
Look! A comment from me!
Day 11
I think this is the most important one.

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