Monday, May 14, 2007

Okay, here we go.

First virtual editorial meeting.
Let me say thank you to Philip for setting this blog up.


Two changes to last year's MES have so far been announced. One of us will be Editor in Chief (might be Ed, but I doubt it, since we don't know yet if there is going to be a fourth contestant after all), and we're limited to 500 words per move per day. What does that mean? If we change the writer and the artist on one book, does that mean that we have 1000 words? Or is one book one move? I guess this will be made clear tomorrow.

About the Editor-in-Chief thing, if we have a say in this, let me nominate Sean, since he seems to have the most extensive knowledge of past Marvel stories.

Well, anything else? Perhaps we should post our favorite writers and artists (still alive, that don't have exclusive contracts with DC or a known grudge against Marvel) before this project begins to see which creators we'll have to fight about.


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