Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My steps, part two (because I fear that it will get lost in the comments to the other post)

I left out the "looking after the check" part, so I'm down to four steps I posted at Tom's blog.

5.: I tell Paul Jenkins that "Front Line" it is. Are we still missing an artist? If so, how about Mark Bagley? He's a fan favorite and with the exception of an upcoming issue for Mighty Avengers, there hasn't been any news about his next project. As an alternative, how about Lan Medina or Michael Gaydos?

6.: Once the Front Line creative team is finalized, I refer them to Ben Morse. Philip says that there is still space to fill in the BoPow article, so he might want to know who the Front Line creative team is and what other books will tie in.


Michael Heide said...

Sean? Greenlight please?

Michael Heide said...

Okay, I just posted those steps along with the Solicitations. I know you haven't explicitly greenlighted those, but the deadline was at hand.