Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Attacking the Rest of the Week

Ok, as I said in my previous post, I think that overall our ongoings are in pretty good shape. I think that, for the most part, we can let those run more or less as is and just keep tabs on making sure that creators are cool.

Phil, obviously, your big two issues are getting things straightened out with Brubaker (see previous posts/comments) and the less problematic issue of covers for BoPow. I don't have any brilliant suggestions offhand. Ian Churchill? Ron Garney? Heh... Joe Quesada might be fun!

Mike, we've got additional BoPow tie-ins. Looks like we'll need a heavier scheduling -- do you want me to take that up?

Get Jenkins started on Balance of Power: Frontline and nail down an artist. (Tom apparently glossed over that bit, but Pat had made some initial calls yesterday.) You'll probably also need to play special nice with Fraction -- he's a key to those sales, I think, and we can't get him on an exclusive. Keep a close eye on Venom, too. Ellis and Micheleine are both using different versions and Fraction was planning on using him down the road.

I can see what's happened to JRJr's check, but I'd like you to actually talk with him (as his new editor) and assue him that a new check is getting cut, and the old one will be cancelled.

OK... so what else do we need to tackle today?


Philip Schaeffer said...

I had to read this twice myself; it was worded a little weird.

Tom said the VP-Ops didn't want Finch drawing SHE-HULK covers, that he instead focus on Balance stuff. That being said, I'm real interested in suggesting Garney or Joe Q for the covers (I think Churchill's DC exclusive but if not I love his stuff, too). And I already suggested Michael Turner provide the Balance variants.

Sean Kleefeld said...

My bad. No great ideas for She-Hulk covers either, other than what I already tossed out there.

Just because I'm getting antsy about timing, let's not worry about putting variant covers to BoPow though.

Sean Kleefeld said...

Sorry -- hit "publish" too soon.

I meant to say that let's not do variant covers on BoPow because it's going to be a #1 already and should have a reasonable sell-through as it is. I'd rather save the gimmicky stuff (which is all variant covers are) for books whose sales are lagging.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Fine by me. One less thing to worry about.

Michael Heide said...

How about getting Adam Hughes for the She-Hulk covers? Unless he's DC exclusive.

Philip Schaeffer said...

I suggested Gregs Horn and Land.

Hughes would be great but I think he is DC all the way.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: James Jean does great covers for the Fables comics. But I don't know if he's DC exclusive.

Michael Heide said...

I don't think James Jean is DC exclusive. But does his somber style fit the wackiness of She-Hulk?

Philip Schaeffer said...

The Fables covers aren't always somber. There's the occasional appearance of whimsy or what have you.

I think my objection is more that they're a little abstract for a mainstream super-hero book. Which isn't to say that I'd never consider it, but it's certainly not the first thing I think of.