Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sean? Just a thought...

I just re-read Tom's post from today and stumbled upon one line that made me thinking:

Quesada, who left Marvel on less than amicable terms after a rumoured coup executed by editors that he himself had hired...

Perhaps we should apologize in some form? Not to sabotage BigMoney's plans, but because it's the right thing to do. From the emails he sent me in the last couple of years, he seems like a very nice guy. And I don't want to burn any bridges here.

Oh, and you should tell Steve Wacker that, should BigMoney fall flat after the first couple of months, he's welcome home anytime. Same goes for Patrick.

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Sean Kleefeld said...

Well, I'm not sure what we would apologize for? Since all of us were hired in the wake of his (and Wacker's) leaving, I think an apology from any of us would sound kind of hollow.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Quesada or Wacker are bad guys and I know it's never good to leave a company on bad terms, but that was before our time there. So I don't know that there's any bridges in danger of burning.

I did apologize to Pat as he was leaving and made a point of saying that I'd hire him back if the situation changes.

On a side note, you've reinforced to me, though, that we don't need to worry about BigMoney. If Quesada is working for them AND he left because of problems with the folks at Marvel, the folks left at Marvel are less likely to hop over and follow him!