Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day 8

Uncanny, Amazing, FF and She-Hulk all have numbers higher than when we got them (three of them thanks to those Rise of the Defenders banners). Total sales are at 435,000. That's 15,000 higher than when we started. And since Tom seems to be giving us numbers two books ahead of time, our next set of numbers (if there is a next set) should include Balance of Power, Balance of Power: Frontlines and the Balance of Power Travel Guide. And if those three books can't total around 70,000, then I don't know what can. And it's a good thing Pirate Primates' first issue will be cheap; that keeps people from skipping our comics.

Things seem to be going swimmingly on your ends. Unfortunately this Finch situation is still unresolved. To be honest, I feel like sim-David has been out of line more than anybody else; at this point, however, I'm not ready to bring somebody else in on the project unless it's absolutely necessary. If you disagree, Sean, please advise ASAP.

I'll try and set things up between JMS and Finch as follows:

Finch, we need your artwork to really sell the atmosphere and emotion of this story. There's probably going to be some sections of this title that will be a little less ACTIONY than what you prefer, but there is no reason these sections will be any less VISUAL And besides, there's plenty of action throughout the title; JMS has been writing comics for too long and too well to think that a crossover event miniseries can be five issues of talking heads. And to that end, get drawing the first of those covers you were so territorial about.

JMS, Finch is a professional; if he commits to this book, he's going to give 100% to every page, even the ones he has less invested in personally. I think that what you each bring to this project will combine and make something both special and different. Finch is putting your story into visual terms that I guarantee you will only add to your story and not distract from it. I understand your doubts, in fact I've shared them, but I've since decided that any friction here at the formative stages demonstrates that you and Finch are both committed to delivering the best final product possible, and I implore you to trust our judgment in selecting Finch; this title is really going to come together.


Sean Kleefeld said...

That is excellent! Seriously, I'm really impressed with your approaches to both Finch and JMS.

The only thing I would even consider changing is using "concerned" instead of "territorial." But that's it -- brilliantly handled.

Philip Schaeffer said...

Let's hope Tom thinks so. It'd be a shame if our tentpole title can't even get its first issue out on time.

Segue, how do you feel about extra pages on the first issue of Balance?

Michael Heide said...

I'd rather lower the price.

Sean Kleefeld said...

Whoops! Responding to your question about extra pages in Mike's post!

I don't think we can get any additional pages into BoPow #1 because of the time factor. We are REALLY tight on this already, and I think any wacky variables we try to throw in now will only bite us in the tookus.

Same with a lower price point.

Now, BoPow #5, that's another story for another sim... ;)