Saturday, May 19, 2007

Two things.

1.: I think I know where all this "dictating the plot" stems from. We went at it the wrong way. When we came up with directions for the book, we should have stayed mum about the actual stories. Then, after we got our writers approved, we could have knocked ourselves out writing the fictional solicitations. Of course it looks as if we're dictating the plots! The plots were around before the writers were!

2.: About Balance of Power. I was at my LCS yesterday. I mentioned this simulation to the clerk and told him a few of our plans. When I came to Balance of Power, he suggested that we tie in the Eternals somehow. I think that's a nice idea. With John Romita jr. on Amazing Spider-Man, maybe Patrick should ask Matt Fraction if he likes to write the Eternals into an upcoming issue of ASM.

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Anonymous said...

I think that if you continue to provide actual content for the writers, instead of letting them do "their own thing", you're going to get more stories like the LITG one.

Why not concentrate on getting the creators scheduled, and THEN "ask" tom what they want to write. Give them a direction and a couple goal posts, don't describe the entire thing for them.