Friday, May 18, 2007

Rich Johnston's Playing Too!

This is going to cause all sorts of crap for me/us but I laughed out loud with the Lying in the Gutters installment Tom just posted! Just remember that I told you to lay off the "whale dropping on Spidey" idea! :)

Seriously, though... keep some perspective on things when you read it. Since we've got until Sunday to post our next moves, I'm going to reflect on the actual implications of this kind of thing before posting any serious reactions here.


Patrick Cook said...

I gotta admit - I've got nothing but a world of respect for Brevoort as an editor. I truly have never seen the amount of passion and devotion that this guy brings to the industry. But today, he just moved his world of respect to another whole level. We're talking Galactic storm size now.
This guy deserves some type of an award for his creativity in keeping the business fun.
My hat is off to the man.....

Philip Schaeffer said...

And don't forget to give credit to Rich Johnston. I'll bet he wishes he always had this kind of fodder for LitG.